The warranty period of all products of our company is 12 months from the date of commissioning. The service life of the fuel meters produced by Aqumetro AG - ten years at least.

Warranty repair and exchange will not be for products:

1. having mechanical, thermal and chemical damage;

2. defective, in result of the use of non-original spare parts;

3. with defects arising as a consequence of breaking the rules and conditions of use, transportation or storage;

4. with defects arising as a consequence of use of the product for other purposes.

5. having damaged seals.

Acceptance into the warranty and after-warranty repairs are made by an act of reclamation due form at:

Minsk., Minsk district, i /a Kolyadichi, Babushkina str. 76, office 197

tel / fax 291-92-56 (57)