System for monitoring the fluid level inside atmospheric tanks Ocio

OCIO – is an innovative system for monitoring the level of the liquid inside atmospheric tank.

The system measures the static pressure and displays the fluid level or volume. New design and original solutions ensure reliable and accurate determination of liquid’s level in the tank.

Technical information:

Voltage 230V / 50Hz (110V / 60Hz)

Protection IP 55

Full scale 4 m

Accuracy of ± 1%

Contact for minimum and maximum level

Maximum tension 250V (or 30V)

Probe tube length 10 m (increases of up to 50 m)


By means of software, you can:

1. Set the type and size of tank

2. Define the alarm system on each of the levels

3. Determine the level indicator

4. Define the unit of measurement

5. Calibrate the instrument according to the set alarm level control unit activates or deactivates the contact working as a remote switch, activating alarms or interrupting the power supply of connected equipment.

Level Indicator:

- Height (mm, in.)

- Volume (liters, gallons)

- The percentage of filling (%)

Level Indicator:

- Height (mm, in.)

- Volume (liters, gallons)

- The percentage of filling (%)

The main advantages are:

Measurement of fuel level in real time

Accounting for height, volume and percentage of filling

Alarming on minimum or maximum level

High accuracy

Intuitive software for controlling procedures

Ease of installation

The system consists of:

- Pipes to determine the static pressure. Tube immersed in the liquid to the bottom of the tank.

- Control unit for level display and system control. The unit provides with intuitive and complete software and allows you to connect two alarms or lock device.