Fuel meter – DFM8D

DFM 8 D - is a differential volumetric flow meter that reads out the value of direct flow to the engine, and the value of flow in the return line. Circuit board (Hall sensor) that is inside the meter doesn’t calculate the difference between the forward and reverse flows. The calculation is performed by on-board computer DFM - BC.

DFM 8 D allows precise measurement of fuel consumption and optimizes it in vehicles, such as trucks and buses, construction and agricultural machinery. Experience in the use of this system in Europe shows that the precise observation of fuel in cars, you can get savings up to 20% just by adjusting the motor and pump, as well as exercising control over the manner of driving a car driver.

The system can easily be mounted on the car, protected from "hacking" or unauthorized interference. The guaranteed service life to 25 years.The warranty for hidden defects - 1 year.


Controlled parameters:

1.Fuel consumption

2.Real working time of transport

3.Average fuel consumption per hour

4.Anti-cheat and a separate counter of proposed drain

5.Operating time at minimum speed (idle)

6.Operating time at rated rpm

7.Operating time at maximum load

8.Battery Indication

The main advantages:

1. No need to change the fuel system for transport, which have to do with installing meters with a working chamber to account "return flow."

2. The flow meter is autonomous and does not require data processing on the computer.

3. Viewing the without buttons and extra magnets.

4. Durable aluminum waterproof housing.

5. Measuring chamber is of the highest quality series VZO made ​​of a copper alloy that is resistant to the working out.

6. Built-in filter.