Parallel driving system

Board navigation complex

Designed for:

• parallel driving tractor equipment for chemical

processing of fields and fertilizer in day and night conditions;

• clarifying the areas of farmland before or in the course of their processing;

• measuring of processed areas;

• controlling the amount and quality of processing ;

• providing primary geodetic information to make plans of

fields and refinement of geometrical parameters of agricultural land;

• dividing the field on lines of rutting in soil cultivation process, seeding

and harvesting;

• determining daily production of field teams.

It provides:

• the real accuracy of parallel driving - 40cm;

• identification of agricultural land areas by bypassing the perimeter,

accurate no more than 1 hectare.

Functions of basic equipment:

1. Parallel driving

Parallel driving of trucks and tractors is carried out:

- on the visible boundary of processed area. In this case, the driver visually joints the bar’s edge on the screen with the processed area’s boundary.

- on the parallel lines of rutting. In this case, the driver directs the movement of the sprayer on the display to the lines of rutting.

2. "Virtual flow meter"

- In "Agronavigator" is entered the actual capacity of the pump on working revs of sprayer’s motor, determined by pumping the system with water (such as to pump through 500 liters you need 10 minutes, the performance of the pump – 50 l/min).

- At processing "Agronavigator" will display a prompt to the driver of the excess (belittling) the actual speed of the spray from the recommended, which is calculated according to the stored width of capture and hectare spread rate of the solution.

- Additionally it displays the total amount of consumed fluid.

3. Area calculation

- At the engaged mode of processing processed area is calculated;

at any stage of processing or during the demonstration view of processed field.

- Calculating of the field’s area is available, bounded by a movement line of the sprayer (movement of GPS antenna’s center or accounting entered width of capture).

4. Check marks

Displaying check marks is possible in two ways:

- Directly while driving. These marks are used to fix the obstacles on the field during the processing. Created marks are saved in a separate file and are opened at the same time with the field’s file on which they were created;

- Enter the values ​​of the point’s coordinates (latitude + longitude in WGS-84). These marks are used in the presence of e-maps of farm fields for the import of needed points in the field.

5. Display only processed areas of the field

6. Import / Export

- When you connect "Agronavigator" to the PC via USB input, it displays like external removable drive, in which all saved procession files, marks files and templates in the text format will be located;

the file structure of the field:

- To see processed areas in satellite images in the program "Google Earth", preservation of processing in the format of the program - ". Kml" is provided.