Skiper-01 E

Data collection unit GPS / GSM Skipper-01 E is designed to determine the coordinates of vehicles, parameters of their motion, collection and transmission of telemetry data to the monitoring system, dispatch and accounting of vehicles’ operating time for the purpose of processing and storage. Installed on board of the vehicle.

Using plug-ins to work with optional equipment, including custom-made:

- level or flow sensors/meters of fuel with different interfaces;

- graphic display for driver;

Indications of optional car equipment (level sensors and fuel consumption, temperature, number of passengers counter, etc.) skipper-01E transmits together with the coordinates and time.

Operation’s conditions:

- ambient temperature: -20 ... +55 C;

- relative air humidity: 80 ± 15%;

- atmospheric pressure: 84 to 106 kPa.

- dimensions 165 x 80 x 25 mm.

refers to the means of navigation and communication.

designed to operate in a network of GSM 900/1800 MHz.

has an intuitive LED indication modes, up to excess of supply voltage or a faulty cable of GPS antenna.

additional slot for SD cards, allows users to configure the product and, if necessary, without the cost of GSM communication to count the accumulated data from the memory of the product, up to the service and technological information.

internal interface allows you to connect additional expansion modules (temperature sensors, power meters and other equipment). If necessary, you can connect CAN tire to vehicle without additional expansion modules (need to change the firmware)

products are protected against foreign bodies and water, meets IP30 according to GOST 14254.

product meets the requirements for interference immunity to conducted disturbances on the power supply circuit rated voltage of 24 V, provided a direct connection to the battery after exposure to test pulses (3a, 3b, 4) for degree IV, functional status, in accordance with the requirements of GOST 28751 .

voltage interferences generated by the power supply circuit for the product meets the requirements of GOST 28751 to mind its own noise for degree IV.

stable at influence on it an external electromagnetic field strengths of up to 3 V / m, hardness 2, in the frequency range from 80 MHz to 1000 MHz on STB GOST R 51317.4.3, the criterion of functioning quality A.

immunity to electrostatic discharge to the second degree of hardness, the criterion for the quality of functioning in the STB IEC 61000-4-2.

made noise level generated by the product, meets the requirements of STB GOST R 51318.12.

meets the requirements of Sanitary 2.2.4/, SanPiN № 11-16-94.

6 combined configurable inputs / outputs (analog or digital inputs, outputs, open-source with a maximum current up to 250 mA), 2 of which can be used as counting;

jack for connecting a headset / handsfree;

internal interface for connection of additional equipment;

Standard GSM 900/1800MGts;

system GPS: satellite navigation system GPS NAVSTAR (USA);

GLONASS-by special order;

supply voltage: 10.8 ... 30 V DC (power protected from interference from-60V to 100V ASIC active protection for motor vehicles);

power consumption from the vehicle: Not more than 3 W;

input for a backup battery.