Purpose: navigation and monitoring for vehicles

Satellite navigation and GPS monitoring device for vehicle TRIVI-10 GP is designed to monitor and control mobile or stationary object (vehicle), transfer to a remote computer (server) status information, location and condition of the object, as well as other technical information from installed devices depending on customer requirements to the system.

In the absence of network GPS the device can carry up accumulation of data on vehicle location and status of sensors to 4.5 days in a "black box" with automatic delivery of information to the server.


GPS satellite monitoring device TRIVI – can be installed on any vehicle. It receives a signal from the satellite system GPS about location, processes the information received from the "in / out" sensors and transfers all the data on the server or by using the GPRS mobile Internet operators, GSM, and mobile device of the client.

GSM parameters  
 Frequency range GSM850, EGSM900,  DCS1800,  PCS1900 
Transmission power GSM850, EGSM900 – 2 W, DCS1800,PCS1900 – 1 W
 Parameters of GPS / GLONASS  
 Frequency range 1575,42  MHz
 Error of location calculation 10 meters  (2D RMS GPS)
 Error of speed calculation 0,1 m/s
Supply voltage  8…32 V
Nominal current consumption 30mА (awaiting) – 150 mА (peak)
Power consumption 0,5 W (awaiting) – 3 W (peak)
Operating temperature range -25...+50 °C 
Number of discrete inputs 4  
Number of analog inputs
Number of counting pulse inputs 2

Duration of storage of location data module and the

status of sensors in the absence of connection with the server

to  4,5 days
Dimensions, mm 104х67х32
Weight, gr



Satellite navigation and monitoring device TRIVI-10GP allows you:

• all-day supervision, vehicle location in real time;

• notification at a deviation from the assigned route;

• registration of passed way, speed, records of stops and routes for vehicles, unauthorized downtimes;

• monitoring of fuel consumption in order to prevent the "not planned" or empty paths;

• emergency feedback - "panic button" for driver

Application areas:

• Long distance trucking

• Passenger transport

• Housing and utilities

• Fuel and Energy Complex

• Agricultural Sector

• Construction

• Emergency services

• Express delivery

• Taxi stations and route taxi

• Wholesale and retail trade

• Distribution of goods and services

• Other industries

Completeness of the system:

• The satellite navigation and monitoring TRIVI-10GP;

• Passport of the device;

• SIM-card of mobile phone operator;

• Aerial Navigation GPS 10D-D3-03-A;

• Car GSM antenna TC8821;

• Connecting block with crimp contacts